How To Make Egg less Atta(Wheat Flour) Cooker Cake Recipes?, Krishna

How To Make Egg less Atta(Wheat Flour) Cooker Cake Recipes?, Krishna

Atta Cooker Cake Recipe

How To Make Egg less Atta ( Wheat Flour ) Cake Recipes In Cooker?

This Egg less Atta(Wheat Flour) Cooker Cake Recipe is contributed by Chef -Lipika Mohanty (Krishna).


-Atta or Whole Wheat Flour - 2cups
-Butter - 100gms
-Milk Maid - 1cup
-Baking Powder - 1tsp
-Baking Soda - 1tsp
-Milk -As required for a thick batter (1-2 cups)
-Dry Fruits - Cherries, Almonds, Raisins and Cashews (Chopped)
-Powder Sugar -1/2 cups (Optional)
-Vanilla Extracts - 1tsp ( or you may use any kind of essence like pineapple, mango, orange essence)
Wheat Flour Cooker Cake

Method - How to make Egg less Atta(Wheat Flour) Cake Recipe In Cooker?

  • - Take a bowl and mix the butter with wheat flour properly, add milkmaid, (sugar optional), vanilla essence & some milk. Mix it properly in one direction.
  • - Then add the dry fruits and mix. Then take out the pressure cooker and remove the whistle and the rubber.
  • - Preheat the cooker with salt evenly spread in the cooker and put the greased cake tin for 10-15 min in low heat.
  • - After 15mins take out the tin and spread the mixture and dab it and put the tin in the cooker for 40-45mins in low heat.
  • - After 40mins open the lid of the pressure cooker and check with a needle that the cake is done or not, if the cake stick in the needle then you put the lid again for 10 mins.
  • - After the cake done take out the cake and just cool down for somewhile and cut it into pieces. Enjoy the tasty and delicious Egg less Atta Cake make in Cooker.