How To Make The Delicious Creamy Paneer Fry Receipe?

Creamy Paneer Fry Receipe
Fried Paneer Receipe with mayonaise

Paneer-250 gms
Onion- 2 big size(cut it into thin slice)
Tomatoes-2 (cut it into thin slice)
Mixed Herbs-2 tsp
crushed dry chillies-1 tsp
thick cream or Mayonaise-3-4 tbsp
Tomato Ketchup-2 tbsp
salt-as taste

Cut the paneers into thin cube size.Take a wok or kadhai put some olive oil or any vegetable oil, add the onions fry it for sometime add tomatoes and fry it then add paneer and fry it then add the spices mixed herbs, crushed dry red chillies, salt, ketchup. lastly add the thick cream or mayonaise (i prefer mayonaise) and mix it properly and the creamy paneer fry is ready. Serve it with chapatti or naan.