The Delicious Veggie Cheese Paratha Recipe \ Cheesy Vegetable Paratha

The Delicious Veggie Cheese Paratha Recipe \ Cheesy Vegetable Paratha

Veggie cheese paratha recipe

Cheesy Vegetable Paratha

Makes approx 9-10 large Parathas

    1tbsp Oil
    1 Cup Peas coarsely grind Fresh or Frozen (Optional)
    Grated Carrots-2 pcs
    finely Chopped Capsicum-2 Or you can use the bell different types of bell peppers
    Chopped Onion-1 cup
   Chopped Olives- 4-5 pcs optional
    Chopped Green chillies-2 pcs
    Grated Mozzarella Cheese- (the quantity depends on how cheesy you like it)
    Crushed mixed herbs or seasoning powder- 1 tbsp
    Salt to Taste
    Pizza sauce-3-4 tbsp (you can use ready made) or (you mix the 1tsp soyasauce, 1tbsp tomato sauce, 1tsp chili flakes and some crushed mixed herbs mix well and use it as pizza sauce)

    To Make the Dough you will need:

   2 cups Whole wheat Flour/Atta
    1tsp Salt
    Crushed Black Pepper
    1tbsp Oil


Take all the ingredients for the dough in a bowl adding water to make a smooth dough. Keep aside for atleast 20 mins

Take a pan add 1 big tbsp oil, then add onions and fry it for sometime then add all the veggies (peas ,carrots,capsicums, green chilies and fry it(don't over fry it) otherwise the vegetables will get soggy. Take it out into a bowl and mix the chopped olives. after it cools down add the grated mozzarella cheese mix it properly.

To Make the Paratha
Divide the dough into 9-10-18 equal sized balls.

Take a pan and let it get hot in medium heat

 Take 1 ball and roll it out to a big size chapatti. Spread 1 tbsp of pizza sauce and take one portion of vegetables and spread on the middle of the chapatti and fold it out from two sides and sealed the top and bottom it will in square shape. Then press smoothly. Then dust the flour on the top and rolled out the paratha very carefully.

Once you have done that, place it on the frying pan and cook on both side until you see the brown spots, then drizzle oil or butter all the way round making sure you coat both sides.

Once it cooked take it out on a plate and served with chilled yogurt.
Here's the delicious veggie cheese paratha is ready.