How To Make The Tasty And Cool Sweet Coconut Lassi?

Sweet Coconut Lassi Drink
Tasty Sweet Coconut Lassi

Ingredients:For 3-4 persons
Thick Yoghurt (curd)- 500gms
Sugar- 200gms
crushed Ice cubes-1 small bowl
For Garnishing:
Rose syrup
Fresh grated coconut
Dry fruit(cut into small pieces like cashwes,raisins,pistachios,almonds)
Tutti Frutti or Cherries

Cardamom Powder-a pinch
Cocoa powder or coffee powder-sprinkle

Take a blender jar add the curd,sugar, crushed ice cubes with little water if required, blend it into smooth consistency.Take it out to a glass and fill it 1/3rd ofthe glass, lastly garnish with the above ingredients step by step
1.Grated coconut
2.milkmaid-1 tsp in each glass
3.Dry fruits and tutti frutti or cherries
4.Sprinkle cocoa powder or coffee powder and cardamom powder.
The tasty sweet coconut lassi for the very hot summer is ready to serve with lots of taste and fun.