How To Make Tasty Delightful Potato Wafers Recipes | Lipika Mohanty

How To Make Tasty Delightful Potato Wafers Recipes | Lipika Mohanty

How to make delightful Potato Wafers - Tasty way and Delightful way are two different ways making Potato wafers.

Potato Wafers Recipes
This is a Lipika Mohanty (Krishna's) Potato Wafers Exclusive Snacks.
Main Ingredients : Potatoes & Oil
Cuisine : Fusion
Course : Snacks & Starters

Source of Vitamin in Potato Wafers Recipe:-

Potatoes are extremely popular and have multiple use.
We always think that eating potato will make you fat?
It is a big source of vitamin C & large quantity of starch, niacin and thiamine.

Potato Wafers Recipe Card

Preparation Time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : 10 minutes

Serve Person: 5
Level Of Cooking : Very Easy
Taste : Salty Mild

Ingredients For Potato Wafers Recipe

    Potatoes peeled 5 large
    Oil to deep fry potato slices
    Use salt for sprinkling and to taste

Potato Wafers Recipe :- Method
  • -Heat a large quantity of oil in a container.
  • -Thinly slice three potatoes by slicer and put directly into hot oil container.
  • -Deep fry all potato slices in hot oil container till lightly browned and crisp. Later take away potato wafers from oil container.
  • -Mix salt and water in a bowl. Add this with potato slices.
  • -Later salty slice potatoes directly into hot oil container. Deep fry salty slice potatoes till lightly browned & crisp. later use absorbent paper for sock extra oil.
  • -Let transfer both two different wafers in different individual serving bowls.