How To Make Easy Tasty Perfect Batata Vada Recipe, Crispy Vada Chutney

Batata Vada or Aloo Chop

Batata Vada Or Aloo Chop
It’s a monsoon time and the better way to have the chill wind of air with hot Batata vada or Aloo Chop with spicy sweet and sour chutney. The street food of Orissa and Mumbai is almost to be found at every chat street trader stall in entire states.
The type of s a fasten food for the working peoples. Follow the recipe to learn how you can make this lip-smacking snack at home in just few minutes and enjoy the taste without distressing about the fitness of intake roadside foods.

Ingredients: For 18 Batata Vadas or Aloo Chops
                For Batter:ingredients in Batata Vada or Aloo chop i
Gram Flour-150 gms
Rice Flour-1tsp (it’s used for crispness and it is optional)
Turmeric (Haldi)-1/4 tsp
Baking Soda-a pinch
Salt-as taste
Red chilly Powder-1/2tsp
Water-as required for thick batter (the batter consistency is not too watery or too thick)

               For Potato Mixture:
Shredded Ginger-1tsp
Chopped Garlic Cloves-4 to 5
Thin Slice Onions-1 medium size
Chopped Green chilli-2
Mashed Boiled Potatoes-4
Chopped Coriander
Salt to taste
Oil for Deep Frying
For Tempering
Mustard Seeds
Curry Leaves
To make batter: Mix the ingredients of batter one by one. Then add some water and stirring continuously to make it smooth without any lumps. Keep aside for ½ an hour.
To make Potato Mixture: Grind ginger, garlic, green chilies into paste.
Mix the paste with boiled mashed potatoes, coriander leaves, salt and mix it properly.
Then take a pan heat some oil add mustard seeds, cumin, and curry leaves for tempering, when it starts to crackle add sliced onions and a pinch of turmeric and fry it until it gets pinkish in color then remove it from flame and mix it with mashed potatoes and makes medium sized balls.
For Frying:
Heat oil for deep frying then put the balls in the batter one by one to the oil. Fry till light golden brown, then remove from oil and put into the absorbent paper. Then serve with the delicious sweet and sour chutney or with tomato ketchup.