How To Make Easy Quick Bread Dessert Recipe | Lipika Mohanty (Krishna)

How To Make Easy Quick Bread Dessert Recipe | Lipika Mohanty (Krishna)

Bread Dessert Recipe

How To Make Easy Quick Bread Dessert Recipe - By- Indian Chef- Lipika Mohanty (Krishna).

Main Ingredients - Bread Dessert Recipe: Khoya/Mawa, Bread slices

Cuisine : Indian
Course : Desserts
Quick Bread Dessert Recipe

History of Indian cooking dates back to almost 5,000-yrs ago when a variety of groups & culture interacted among India that led to an assortment of flavors & regional cuisines.

Indian cuisine comprise of a number of local cuisines.  The variety in soil kind, culture, ethnic group , climate & occupations, these cuisines diverge from each one other mostly due to the utilize of nearby existing spices, vegetables, herbs and fruits. Indian cooking is also influenced by spiritual and traditions. 

Foreign invasions, colonialism and trade relations had introduce certain food to the nation like breadfruit, potato and chilies.

Bread Dessert Recipe

Preparation Time : 20 minutes

Cooking time : 30 minutes

Serve person : 5

Level Of Cooking : Modest

Taste : Sweet

Ingredients for cook - Quick Bread Dessert Recipe:-

    Bread slices 10
    Grated Mawa /Khoya 1 & 11/2 cup
    Pistachios 18
    Almonds 10-14
    Milk 2 to3 cups
    4 tablespoons desiccated coconut
    2 tablespoons Cocoa powder
Quick Bread Dessert Recipe - Method

-The almonds and pistachios chop finely. Heat up a non stick wok and add the pistachios and almonds & dry roast on little heat till crisp.

-Add saute and khoya stirring for 3 minutes. Take away the wok from heat & continue stirring till the wok cool down.

-Remove the mix into a bowl & add sugar powder and mix properly. Cutting the edges of each bread slices & then soak in milk. Mix cocoa powder and desiccated coconut in a plate.

-Take away the bread from milk & lightly press them to eliminate excess milk. Set up them on a cook top. Spread a little khoya mixture on each one & roll the bread slices carefully.

-Roll up each bread slice with cocoa powder and desiccated coconut mixture & later on arrange them for serve.